Top 10 Most Common New Year’s Resolutions

With the birth of a new year, there come celebrations and promises made to oneself. These are the New Year resolutions. People write down their New Year’s resolutions with the hope of achieving them and that the resolutions will go a long way in helping them not only have a fulfilling year but also become better human beings. Listed below are ten of the most common New Year’s resolutions for many people around the globe.

Healthy eating

When it comes to nutrition and living healthy,majority of people make a promise to themselves to start minding what they eat. There are various reasons for people taking this step ranging from being overweight and obesity to ailments that demand people change their way of living generally, and specifically what they eat. This can be attributed to people who like junk food and are kind of addicted and become slaves to these fatty delicacies. Eating healthy involves having balanced meals with the right amount of calories that are sufficient for the body, as well as eating small quantities of food at regular intervals for better digestion by the body.


It’s been noted over the years that around 65% of the population always make a resolution to exercise more. This is closely related to healthy living which is not just eating, but also exercising. Exercising helps in improving fitness levels and flexibility as well. Exercising regularly can go a long way in improving the immunity of your body to an extent. People also resolve on this in order to check their weight as well as reduce that weight. The types of exercises include weight training such as deadlifts, barbells and many more. The other type of exercises does not involve added weights but depends more on resisting your own bodyweight. These are cardio workouts which help in burning fat from our bodies.

Lose weight

Research shows that about 54% of adults at the turn of the year set a target to lose weight. This is due to massive gaining of weight and in an unhealthy way. This can also be attributed to lack of exercise which lets people gain weight haphazardly. Many people blame this especially on their busy schedules which they say, inhibit them from engaging in exercises. However, setting a goal to lose weight is a good thing as it can help you avoid lifestyle diseases that are associated with weight. People can lose weight by being patient, watching what they eat, and ultimately exercising their bodies. After all, sweating is the quickest way to losing fat.


It’s common thing to hear people going on and on about the state of their finances and many things are apportioned blame for their empty pockets. Top of the list, you must agree, is not budgeting and being as spendthrift as they come. This has led to people’s debt status being ever on the rise despite having comfortable jobs with decent salaries. As a result, it’s not strange for people to decide on better budgeting, and spending on necessary things when the New Year comes. Another solution would be to set a portion of your money and dedicate it to savings. People also often decide on discipline overall on money matters.

Learning new things

It’s often said that life is one big learning curve and as such, many people on New Year’s crave about adding new skills and hobbies to their pockets. New skills can be from trainings, workshops, and education generally. New skills can also be obtained from greater interactions and networking. Hobbies on the other hand involve finding new things that set your heart ablaze ranging from traveling, reading, swimming, the list is virtually with no end, as long as it’s something you would love doing.

Quit smoking

Smoking is a problem that has been rooted in society. It is therefore not surprising that many people want to quit this habit. This takes a lot of support from family and friends to stop as well as never looking back once you have embarked on this journey.

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With the advent of the internet and especially smartphones, this current generation is one that’s always on their phones. Ironically, these inventions were supposed to make the world a global village; however, people now prefer virtual interactions instead of the physical. People have also lost touch with reading. As a result, many people resolve to do more reading of books and gaining knowledge. This is a great step towards a more knowledgeable population.

Find new jobs

Not everyone with a job has the passion in that job. This may be due to no conducive working environment or meagre pay. Therefore at the turn of the year, people want to start anew with better jobs in order to grow and progress in life.

Drink less alcohol

Alcoholics try to quit the bottle too, and this is a promise they make to themselves. Quitting is tough, but with the support of everyone, this task can be an achievable one. These people should also seek counselling and also try to find new hobbies to pursue.

Spending time with friends and family

Family and friends can grow apart due to everyday activities and busy schedules. This is why many people have this on their resolutions. This can be accomplished by making time for the people we love despite the schedules. This can also be accomplished by holding get-togethers regularly and calling on each other.

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