Ten Warning Signs Your Relationship Has Ended

Relationships are the base of any society because that is how families, organizations, and communities are formed. They are the core existence of the human population. For any relationship to thrive, a lot of work needs to be done by either party. Now, every relationship is unique because no two people are the same, and thus no single and perfect recipe that can be applied across all relationships.

These differences are the causes of shake-ups in our relationships. This is regardless of whether they are personal or professional. There are good times when you seamlessly flow together, while there are difficult ones when you cannot stand the other person. Well, this happens even in healthy relationships, but when there seems to be no change or commitment to change from either party, then it could mean that the relationship is not doing well.

The main traits for any working relation include honesty, compromise, patience, empathy, communication, independence and passion. Lack of either of these may lead to a broken relationship which may leave you feeling drained and lonely. It may also be the start of court battles and financial strains. Your mental and emotional health may also be affected in the process.

Below are warning signs that it is time to call it quits in that relationship:

Poor communication.

Honestly, there is no working relationship where the couple is not talking. Communicating enables us to express our views and opinions to the other person. If you’re not able to express your honest emotions to your partner because of fear that they will criticize you, then this can be a clear sign that things are going south.

Your partner is abusive

This is a major issue in our society nowadays that has seen a lot of relationships come to an end. Abuse could either be emotional or physical. The victim is made to feel worthless, incapable, and unattractive, among other negative traits. Once it starts, there’s usually no way to stop it, and the best thing is to take a walk and sever ties with that abusive partner.


When someone is contemptuous towards you, it means that they disregard you, have a beneath consideration for you, and are disrespectful of you. At this point, the odds for such a relationship working are quite thin, and it is best to walk away.


One incident of mistrust is enough to know what to expect in the future. Trust breeds respect; this is an important pillar for a thriving relationship. The moment that trust is betrayed, then it becomes difficult to stay when you are the aggrieved party.

You’re no longer doing things together

When couples stay together for long, they start having activities that they love to do together; like watching a football match or visiting friends and relatives. When the other partner is always giving excuses or preferring to go it alone or with other people, then this could be a tell-tale sign that it’s time to move on.

Low sex drive

Changes in your intimate relationship may not always spell doom. Notably, sex goes beyond physical intercourse. It’s a point where one can freely become vulnerable and honest with their partner, and openly express their emotions without fear of being judged negatively. But, when put together with other issues it could mean that something somewhere is not working.

Lack of support

Confiding in one another is an important aspect of a working relationship because as humans, we need a shoulder to lean on time and again. When your partner is no longer the go-to person when you have a personal issue, then it could mean that you feel less connected to them. When it comes to finances and general running of a home, it can be tough when your partner deliberately refuses to support their family.

Too many arguments

Conversations are healthy although they may result in minor fights. This is normal in most couples, and at times these fights become a good point of learning one or two things that will make their relationship work. But when arguments always result in name-calling, screaming matches, bringing up past hurts, and doing little to let go and move forward, then you’re headed for a split.

Lack of interest

It means that you have little to no urge to want to know what is going on in your partner’s life. Whatever happens to them does not interest you anymore. That their presence is boring and you don’t even want to share activities with them. This is a sign that your time with them is over.

No future

At this point, you find it difficult to involve your partner in your future dreams, plans and decisions. If it is becoming hard for you to share your life details with them, then there’s also no future in your relationship.

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