Monogamy – Tips for a monogamous relationship

Maintaining a successful monogamous relationship can be hard. It requires one to have a few tips and tricks up their sleeve. There are things that one is required to do and those they are supposed to refrain from. This is a collection of some of the best tips that help couples in a monogamous relationship to stay happy and healthy.

1. Appreciate your partner

Taking each other for granted is one of the many reasons a monogamous relationship can fail. After being together for a long time, couples can start taking each other for granted. A majority of the problems couples experience in a monogamous relationship start with one or both partners feeling unappreciated. To avoid falling into this trap, start appreciating each other. Show your partner how much you value them because it lets them know that they are important to you. Tell them how important they are to you. This helps build a healthy monogamous relationship and deepen your bond.

2. Always communicate with each other

For a monogamous relationship to thrive, there has to be communication. Good communication does not involve just talking. You have to be willing to listen as well. When communicating, avoid shouting or over criticising. Talk openly and do not assume that your partner can read your mind because they can’t. Sometimes a person can give in to a situation to avoid an argument. As much as this may seem like a good solution to a problem, it really isn’t. If you don’t say what’s on your mind and come to some sort of understanding with your partner, you might end up resenting them because you will feel like what you want isn’t really important to them. Communication is a skill that can be learned over time. You have to be willing to put in the work because healthy communication is an important ingredient for sustaining a healthy monogamous relationship.

3. Spend quality time together

Sometimes life gets in the way of couples spending time together. This might be normal because everyone has responsibilities, but it doesn’t always have to be like that. If you want to maintain a healthy monogamous relationship, then always ensure that you set some time aside to be with each other and connect with each other. Pencil out a few hours out of your busy schedules to find out how your partner is doing. This helps keep the connection stronger. You can organize to have regular dates or pick up a hobby together to keep the romance alive.

4. Spice things up in the bedroom

An exciting sex life is key to having a happy monogamous relationship. When there is no intimacy in a relationship, that relationship can suffer. It is quite normal for couples to be less intimate with each other over time but that doesn’t mean that it should lack altogether. Try to spice things up in the bedroom. Trying out new sex positions is a great way to do so. Fostering emotional intimacy is another great way of ensuring that you have a good sexual relationship.

5. Work as a team

They’ll always be problems in a relationship. However, how those issues are handled can either make or break a relationship. Couples should always strive to face problems as a team and not let the problems draw them further apart. Make your partner’s problem your problem and face them together. The same also goes for victories. Your victories should be your partner’s victories and vice versa. Support and encourage each other to be the better versions of themselves. You will be happier if you deal with your issues together as opposed to doing it alone.

6. Say “I love you” as much as possible

These words are very simple but they actually mean a lot if said with sincerity. Telling your partner that you love them on a regular basis can make your monogamous relationship a happy one. You can send them a random text telling them you love them and make their day. This makes them feel loved and wanted. Expressing your love for each other not only makes the relationship stronger but increases the level of attraction you have towards each other. Don’t wait for your partner to tell you that they love you. It is totally okay to say it first.

7. Try out new things together

Trying out new things together means you are creating new memories together. And how better to keep a monogamous relationship fresh and interesting than creating new memories together. You can come up with a bucket list together and try out everything on that list together. You can also come up with new traditions together. The upside to this is that you will keep discovering new things about each other. Having a deeper understanding of one another makes your relationship grow stronger and happier.

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