Dilemmas: Why can’t I make decisions?

We all face choices in life, some are simple, for example strawberry or choc chip, but some decisions are life-changing, and should be approached with consideration and made with care. For example ending a relationship, getting married, buying a house or starting a family shouldn’t be snap decisions but should be weighed up beforehand for the sake of the wellbeing of those involved.

The main reason for not making decisions is fear. And fear can be overcome by understanding more about decisions and decision making and by being fully informed and aware of the choices and consequences in a decision.

How to make a big decision.

  1. Imagine all outcomes first – what do you want and what would the decision outcomes do?
  2. Discuss the decisions with a friend or family member. Even if they are set against one option and it makes you lean towards that decision, at least you are moving on in your decision making process.
  3. Write down the options, the possible outcomes and the benefits, drawbacks and opportunities.
  4. Sleep on it. Once you have discussed the situation or written it down, you may find that if you put the decision aside, you may find a conclusion once you have rested.

Questions to ask yourself about a decision.

  1. How will my decision affect others and can I live with that impact?
  2. Do I understand my decision choices fully?
  3. Can I get what I want? What is the cost?
  4. Is anyone else involved in the decision and will my preferred outcome affect them negatively or positively?
  5. What are the longer term implications of the decision choices?
  6. What choice in the decision are my friends or family leaning towards?
  7. What choice in the decision am I really leaning towards?
  8. Is the decision reversible?

Don’t regret, move forward with what you decide.

Don’t leave it.

In the end, don’t leave the decision and dread it, as that is bad for your wellbeing, it is better to go ahead, although don’t rush. Life is a network of decisions, so many, all the time, taking us down different paths, sometimes we hold back out of fear and miss out, sometimes we rush into things and regret it.

Take the middle ground and consider the full picture, then decide. Shying away from decisions makes life less bright and jumping in and making rash decisions can make life chaotic or harmful. Don’t be afraid, just make sure you have fully considered things and then you know you are doing the best you can by yourself and everyone.
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Imagine the future.

As I mentioned, if the decision affects your life and future, take time to imagine the future. Imagine each outcome, imagine how you will feel and which option is the most realistic. Imagine the possible negative consequences.

The consequences of not making a decision.

If you can’t be bold and assertive and make a decision, you may have problems with stress, sleeplessness, difficulty concentrating, and the impact on others as they wait for you to make the decision. The impact of not making decisions when you need to can hurt you and your relationships and life.

After the decision.

When you make a decision, you will feel more confident about yourself. A well-made decision will help you to grow in character and confidence and enable you to feel strong and confident. It will also help others to relax and to have faith in you.

Decisions help you to grow, develop, and make changes, and decisions can lead to new experiences and new paths in life, one decision may lead to another, so don’t sit there and be afraid, life is made from infinite amounts of decisions, and if other people’s decisions affect you, you may make more decisions based on that.

This article came from a decision that it should be written and a decision to write it, so hopefully it will help you if you are hesitating and find decisions difficult. So just relax and consider the options of your decisions.

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