10 Things to Do When You Meet the best friends

That’s the beauty about a cool group of friends – there is always one or two from the group who thinks like you and who wants to be doing what you’re doing.
Of course, there is no time like the present to be living your best life. Wait too long, and everyone’s got something else planned.

We’ve all got some cool besties that help us have a good time. The real question is: what do we really want to do when we’re all together as a group or we’re with just one good friend? Going out with friends certainly doesn’t have to mean bloating, hangovers and total exhaustion from keeping late nights! Meeting with good friends can be all kinds of things, and remember, best friends can be family too.

1. Take A Road Trip

This has to be one of the coolest things to do with your best friend. Hours of catching up on news and getting to know the other person’s deepest thoughts. If that thought gives you the shudders, road trips can be for a day, a weekend or a month. Imagine visiting all your old childhood haunts or even travelling across the countryside together to where you grew up?

2. Volunteer Together

Not all your friends will be in on this one with you, as it may sound like a boring thing your parents did but it can be such fun. It’s so rewarding seeing the difference your input makes, and if you’re looking for a job with animals as an example, volunteering at an animal shelter will count in your favour on your CV.

3. Start a new Hobby

Not all your friends are into sports, but why not start a mesmerising new hobby like scuba diving with those buddies who are keen? You get to practice in a huge tank at first before heading out to the ocean.

4. Get Cookin’

Got a friend getting married and who is pretty much hopeless in the kitchen? Invite them over to your place and show them how to whip up a bit of a storm in the kitchen, keeping things simple so they aren’t frightened off. Buy a bottle of wine and have a chilled time together sampling your efforts.

5. Bead Threading to Jazz up Old Outfits

Check the Internet for great simple ideas. The first steps on jewellery making are so exciting. With basic threading and knotting techniques and a bit of know-how on the right threads and fastenings, a dazzling treasure chest of necklace designs will open up. You can save a fortune on buying accessories and you can even mend or re-style some of the pieces you have.

6. Garden Flares for Outdoor Parties

Make your night-time garden parties glow with flares, which are placed firmly into the ground. They are made by building up a candle on a wick by pouring molten wax down the wick. There are simple step by step instructions on the Internet on the length of wick you need, your length of bamboo cane, and how these super flare candles on bamboo stalks will light up the garden or patio in a creative way, romantic way.

7. A Spa Day

Get your absolute best friend, male or female, and have a relaxing spa massage together. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get all the care-lines erased from your face. Book yourselves into a health spa, take the massage package and spend an awesome day chilling and rejuvenating with your best friends.

8. Get Creative with an Old Favourite Top

Bold up any tops you love with a whole new look. Buttons missing? Remove the lot and sew on new, arty buttons that don’t need to match. Bring a whole lot of new colour and unique style to old shorts and jerseys and let them bring in some stares of interest.

9. Jazzy Outdoor Markets

Whatever the event you’re going to, take your market-loving friend and pick up a bottle of wine, a new scarf or a new trinket as gifts for friends. Between all the hand-made knick-knacks, you can get all your gifts sorted. Take a break from shopping and sit down in the shade and enjoy music and a bite to eat.

10. Head into Nature

There is nothing so fulfilling than donning a pair of good walking shoes and joining a like-minded group of friends on a weekend hike. What a thrill it is being in nature and sitting around a fire in the evening with your meat smoking on the fire. Awesome stuff and a fabulous bonding time with like-minded friends.

With the internet at your fingertips, you can find extraordinary ways to enjoy time with your best friends or with that one special favourite. Even an ordinary coffee and lemon meringue tart with your favourite bestie can turn into something marvellous… and with such awesome ideas like these, you can have all your ‘what to do’ dilemmas sorted.

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